Happy holidays from MSA!  Would especially like to thank Keyan Mizani and Alexia Zerbinis from eM|Zed Design, Ellen Fortin of Ellen Fortin Design + Architecture and Michael Tingley of Boora Architects, Michelle Jeresek and Daniel Lajoie of Departure Design, Adam Shalleck of The Shalleck Collaborative, Ken Dyreson from Scott Edwards Architecture, Steve Shapiro of Shapiro Didway Landscape Architecture, Shelley Martin of vitrifiedstudio, Jeanie Lai of Moufelt, Erin and Kurt Liebegott, James Rishky and Michal Drannan, Tom and Laura Martin, David and Jill Niles (photos of that coming in the spring), Jason and Kim Giroir, Kai Druzdezel at Upcycles, Tim Wiersma of NW Electrical Design, and Jay Hedley and Brandon Sullivan (more about that later in 2012) for the opportunity to work with you and/or all the help this year.  Thank you!