Construction is underway on this home in NW Portland.  The project adds a large dormer across the entire back (west) half of the attic which will create a new master suite with master bedroom, master bathroom, separate water closet, master walk-in closet, and laundry.  Also on the interior, the existing non-code compliant stair to the second floor will be replaced and energy efficient upgrades such as an high efficiency heat pump for the existing lower floor, a new high efficient mini-split system for the second floor / new dormer, a new high efficiency water heater, and increased insulation will be installed.

On the exterior, the extra layer of asbestos siding will be carefully removed to expose the original cedar siding.  If the siding is intact, an effort will be made to repair/patch it and match new siding as needed.  If the original siding is not intact it will be an opportunity to install a proper weather resistant barrier before installing new siding.   Also, the small chimney will be removed and new roofing will be installed around a new skylight over the stair well and a new skylight in the dormer’s master bathroom.

The project is underway and being built by Hammer & Hand.  The structural engineer is Darla Wall of Willamette Building Solutions.