Here is a garden pavilion for last year’s Time Based Art Festival put on every year by the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA).  The event is held in different locations, this was at the former Washington High School which sits empty in SE Portland.

I volunteered with BOORA architects to design a small shelter for the Festival’s garden. We were only given one week notice to design the pavilion and find a way to get it built. Howard S. Wright Constructors kindly donated the materials and construction skills. Geof Beasley, who designed the rest of the garden, donated the plants. We painted and installed the lighting once it was delivered.

The pavilion was a simple modern take on a garden greenhouse.  Punched openings allowed for succulents to be planted within the thickness of the walls.  The fluorescent lighting was an extension of the theme inside the school.  Once the festival ended, the pavilion was given away to be reused.